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    Can I choose the image you use?
    I'll give you options, if you'd like to be involved in that step. High-contrast and side-lit photographs work the best, but I can make that special picture work for you.

    Can I choose the album you use?
    Please do let me know if you have a preference. I know certain albums mean more to you than others and I want your piece to capture your passion for the music.

    The only caveat to this choice is that if I don't already have the album on hand, I'll have to add anything over $10 into the cost of the piece.

    Can I send you an album to use?
    Yes! Makes for an even better story. I'll discount the price $10.

    How do you frame them?
    I frame them with the original album sleeve behind in a shiny black aluminum LP frame. Simple, elegant.

    How long will it take for me to get mine?
    I ask for you to give me about a month. The time depends largely on how long it takes me to find the album to use, but I'll let you know if it will take any longer than 5 weeks.

    Can the record still be played?
    I love this question! The painted side would sound quite horrible and most likely gunk up the needle, but the other side might still play decently. I try to find records that are already damaged to the point they might be thrown away, so most likely you wouldn't want to risk it anyway.


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